Why reading is amazing

I like how you told the class that you should read, because when you have kids and you show them that you read they will also want to, because they see you being really interested in it. Many people absolutely hate to read books and I can understand. I hate reading books that don’t interest me and those types of books are school books. But I also love to read books and the reason is, because I read books that interest me and those types of books are about mystery, adventure, autobiography, biography and also more types of books. I love to read books that make me laugh and makes me feel like I am in a whole different world when I read it. So you can’t really say you hate reading books, because there are so much different types of books that you can choose from.

This is my favorite book ever and I recommend it to anyone, because you will absolutely love it. I seriously read this book over and over and I can’t get sick of it:

The reason that I love to read the Harry Potter series is, because it’s like your imagining this whole different world where your a wizard and your able to do anything with just having  a wand.If I was a wizard it would make my life so much easier, because all I have to do is flick my wand and say a spell and I won’t have to come to school or I flick my wand and I have a whole food tray right next to me. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world like this.

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