I don’t know how to study at all and whoever is reading is probably thinking that is impossible but actually it is possible. I’ve tried many different techniques in studying in my life, but so far none of them have been helpful. This is why I have given up on studying before having the test. Sure, I will read through what I have to know, but it doesn’t usually stick. I feel that the only solution I have is to listen when the teacher is teaching because that is the only way I will learn anything. Not studying doesn’t affect all of my classes because History, and English are classes that I get a good grade on but not Science, Math, and Spanish. Sure, I do pass those classes, but I don’t do well on tests. I have to do all of my homework in order to make sure I do pass the class. Most of the time when I am doing my tests I answer all of the questions and it seemed as a pretty easy test, but when I get my score back it’s like I didn’t know anything that I was doing during the test. The studying techniques that I’ve used so far are:



-Highlighting important facts(I highlight everything)

-Practice test 

I have used all of these techniques and sure they are helpful but when I am doing a test I forget everything I learned so they weren’t really helpful. I am just hoping that by the time I reach college, I have learned to study.


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