What do I think of ISIS? I believe that they are pathetic human beings who are looking for attention. I don’t understand why they would want to kill anyone and be proud of what they have done. People are always relating them to Muslims, because ISIS stand for an Islamic state of Iraq/Syria. And also because they claim that they are Muslims but they aren’t Muslims. You probably are wondering why I believe that they are not Muslims and the reason is because being a Muslim is believing in the religion Islam. In Islam we believe in Peace and you probably don’t believe that but it’s true. Anyone can claim that they are of a certain religion, but they have to also show actions that they do believe in that religion. ISIS doesn’t prove that they are Muslims, sure they say a few Arabic words, but their actions don’t show it.


Being a Muslim you aren’t allowed to cause harm to others it’s forbidden. Another thing ISIS does is kill Muslims, people get mad when they hear when ISIS kills an American but they are also killing Muslims. So how can they say that they are Muslims when they are killing them. ISIS has been going on since 2004 so they have been killing people for a very long time. The CIA director said “ISIS is not Islamic but psychopathic”. Like I said earlier, comparing ISIS to Islam is a mistake, for Islam condemns their actions. One of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game, Kareem Abdul-Jabber, said on national television and I quote, “If ISIS represents Islam, than the KKK represents Christianity.”


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