Everyone wants to have a sense of belonging in this world. One of the things that people do to have a sense of belonging is to follow their culture. Depending on the person, culture can be very important and can be a part of their daily life. Some people may not know where their exact heritage stems from, but if they lived in a certain place they would follow that culture and be proud of it. An example of this would be that some of the white people’s background in the US comes from Europe; however some don’t know what European country they originate from. So they dedicate themselves to the American patriotism and try to be as patriotic as possible. Another example is that some black people originate from Africa, but ever since slavery occurred many years ago, where black people were forced out of their countries, they have lost the knowledge of their true background and their culture. So they now follow the culture here in the US because they’ve grown accustomed to the US and because they don’t know any other culture to follow.


I personally just love having culture in my life; not only mine, which is the Eritrean culture, but any other culture from around the world. Not only does it show you how people from a certain place live, but it also shows you what they value in their daily lives. It could be their language, tasty food, or unique clothing. It amazes me how different and how similar some cultures could be, so we should always respect their differences. Normally when people see something not similar to their ways, they would make fun of it which is not right. They instead should respect it, and let it be.


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