I am feeling very happy because I have plans for the next three weeks. This weekend, which is tomorrow, I will be going to the beach with my friends. There will be a bonfire and hopefully we will have a great time. The next week after that, I will be entering a very fun competition. I have entered this competition with the club that I am in which is called MSA. We basically will be competing with other MSA’s in Orange County. The competition will be intense, but a great experience since we all have friends that we will be competing against. The reason why I joined this competition is because I am able to choose what category I will feel comfortable and compete in it. The categories vary from sports to academic and I can’t wait to see the results. Most of the schools that are competing in this have great pride in their school and it really great thing to see, but I am hoping that we will win.

The next week after that, I will be going to UCLA for a college day program. The program is a great experience since not only is it with friends, but also we will be learning things we will benefit from. The program has many different workshops that you are able to choose to be in and you will basically be learning what you should do to get accepted into college. I went there my freshman year and I really liked how the people who taught us the workshops were still in college. Hopefully in the next three weeks I will have experienced great things.


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