Spring Break

I’m really excited for spring break because I will be going camping, but the sad part is that most of my friends already had spring break. That is the reason why I signed up to go camping. I’m going to be a volunteer and I am not really excited to take care of a bunch of little kids but I can’t wait to go. We will be going to Palm Springs and renting a place that will be having a pool which is going to be amazing. What I really like about the camp is that everyone has to be independent. We all will have to cook our own food and basically will have to take care of ourselves I’m hoping that I will get along with the kids that I will be taking care of and that they won’t cause any trouble. I’m going to have to form a bond with them and I don’t know how that’s really going to work out, but I am hoping that it’s going to work out.

I love nature and being around it because it makes me feel at peace, even though at times I don’t feel at peace. Another thing is when I am surrounded by nature that is the time when I like to think about what is going on in my life and what should I change about it. Nature amazes me not only because of its beauty, but of how long it’s existed. It’s that one thing that will not be there and you cant depend on it.


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