When you are going through life you will always lose people. Whether it is a relative that passed away or you lost touch with a friend. Friendship to me is an amazing but a frustrating part in my life. It is amazing because having great people in your life, not only makes you feel good, but it sometimes can influence you to be a positive person. You can also have great memories with them that will stay with you forever because how great of an impact they had on you and your life. Also, sometimes it can be frustrating because you might have a couple of friends who are not good for you as far as a true friend goes, but you can’t let them go. You probably know that at one point in life they will leave, but you don’t care because they still mean something to you.

Lastly, a frustrating part about friendship is when you have different types of friends and when you try to get them together because they all mean something to you and they don’t get along. It makes things harder because there are times when you want to hang out with all of them, but since they don’t get along you have to pick one group of friend. It just creates unnecessary drama and stress that you don’t need in your life. That is why you need to know who are your true friends because you then don’t have to go through this unnecessary drama and your life would become much easier.


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