Malcolm X

When I think of Malcolm X I can’t help but be amazed by all of the great things he has achieved. But that is not how many people feel in this world, they always dwell on his past and how he wasn’t a great person when he was younger. People should know that everyone changes for the better or for worse and Malcolm x changed for the better. You cannot judge a person by what they have done in the past because that doesn’t sum up who they are now. I think Malcolm X is a great influential leader that people should know more about. Some people may not agree with his methods, but know that he tried to accomplish things himself instead of just sitting there. People claim that he was still racist after he died and that he didn’t accept the white community, but that is far from the truth.

When Malcolm X went to Mecca, he changed his views on accepting other races because he saw how Islam is a religion of many different races and no discrimination so he then converted into Islam. Although he accepted the equality between different races Malcolm X hoped that the black people would achieve social justice. So keep in mind when you describe or talk about Malcolm X you need to discuss what he wanted on his recent views and not his old ones.  Before you go judging someone you should know about what they have done and who they are in the present and not in the past.


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