Old friends

Earlier this week I have reconnected with a group of my old friends that I used to hang out with throughout a long period of my life. The reason why we disconnected was because we all graduated and a couple of us went to different high schools and lost touch. Obviously, when we all got disconnected I was bummed out about it, but I thought it probably was for the best. I also believed that we will probably reconnect at a point in time later in life. I guess now is the time and it is a good time. We all had to take time off and grow a bit older and become mature. We all will be hanging out soon and it’s going to be really interesting to see how it is going to be.

The reason why I am talking about reconnecting with old friends is because you should know that you shouldn’t give up on them no matter what. You may at times think that it’s impossible for you guys to have a relationship as the one that you had a while ago but it’s not. You may even be closer then how you were before. So always have a positive outlook on anything because you may not know what surprises you. This also taught me that I shouldn’t be quick on letting people go out of my life or cutting them off completely. I hope when we all meet up, things won’t be awkward and that we will continue having each other in our lives.


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